Peru Incentive Travel

Follow in the footsteps of the Incas and discover the priceless cultural wealth of Peru, such as the world wonder Machu Picchu, during your Incentive trip to Peru. Do you like mystery? You cannot ignore the inexplicable Nazca Lines. Peru is also versatile in terms of landscape. One moment you are in the Amazon, the next in the desert. The country is also characterized by the Andes Mountains, with volcanoes and high snow-capped mountains. An exciting Incentive travel destination!

Colonial cities & cooking workshop

During a visit to the UNESCO city of Cusco you will stroll through the picturesque streets with wooden balconies and admire baroque cathedrals. We also visit the San Pedro market, the historic Inca palace and the arty neighborhood of San Blas where you can admire typical Peruvian art and crafts. Here you can also participate in a Peruvian cooking workshop. Learn how to make typical dishes and then enjoy a delicious dinner! Colonial cities like Cuzco, Lima and Arequipa have colorful local cuisines, which are some of the best on the continent.

Machu Picchu

A visit to Machu Picchu with the Panorama train cannot be missed during your incentive trip through Peru. The hidden Inca city is one of the 7 wonders of the world for a reason. The city is located at an altitude of 2,430 meters and is the masterpiece of the Incas. During a guided walk through this beautiful city you will be taken through different streets and alleys and you can enjoy the breathtaking view. This wonder of the world is hidden between the peaks of the Andes in the tropical rainforest. A real must do in Peru!

Sailing on Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca on the border with Bolivia and Peru is the highest navigable lake in the world. You can sail, visit islands and hike the old Inca trails. Indians grow their crops on the steep terraces in this inhospitable area. A wonderful experience during your Peru Incentive trip.

Sacred Valley and Locals

The Sacred Valley is also a special place to visit during your Incentive trip. The region is very rich in culture and craft, we visit traditional weaving mills where you will find beautiful Peruvian handicrafts. We also visit local markets and see camelids such as llamas, vicunas and alpacas. A meeting with the Misminay community in the sacred valley is also possible. Here you will experience music, dance and the lifestyle of the Andean people up close.

You can admire Machu Picchu and visit this magical place with the panorama train. Walk the Inca trails on one of the islands in Lake Titicaca or leave civilization and discover the Amazon, stroll through the many colonial cities and enjoy the refined cuisine.

Possible activities

Visit the magical place of Machu Picchu by panorama train. Walk the Inca trails on one of the islands in Lake Titicaca. Stroll through the many colonial cities and enjoy the world famous Peruvian cuisine during your incentive travel in Peru!

Practical information

  • Peru can be travelled throughout the entire year.
  • In Peru, there are various cities above 2500 metres, when putting together our trips, we pay close attention to gradual change in differences in altitude.
  • The most commonly spoken language is Spanish, you pay with the Nuevo Sol (Pen).
An example trip for inspiration, can be completely customised to your wishes



Day 1: Arrival to Lima & city tour
Day 2: Cusco – Peruvian cooking class
Day 3: Sacred valley & community visit
Day 4: Machu Picchu
Day 5: Cusco – back home

Day 1 - Arrival to Lima

Upon arrival, private transfer from airport to hotel. Here starts your incentive travel through Peru!

By city tour you will visit the modern and colonial parts of the city of Lima, known as The City of Kings, starting with the districts of Miraflores and San Isidro before  heading to the Colonial town. Once there, you will visit the impressive Santo Domingo Convent. Then, you will walk to the Plaza de Armas, where you can take  pictures of the amazing colonial architecture that  surrounds it. Afterwards, you will  go to the  Chocolate Museum to have an exquisite experience with Peruvian cocoa before heading to the Museo del Pisco to taste the traditional  Peruvian liquor. After we will head towards the Larco Museum, which  houses the Treasures of Ancient Peru  private collection. Did you know that Peru was voted best culinary destination in the world multiple times? In the evening, you can enjoy yourself at one of the great local restaurants.

Day 2 - Cusco & Peruvian cooking class

Flight to Cusco, transfers to and from airport.
You will explore with private guides the city of Cusco, known also as the Imperial City and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  You will visit some amazing view points, the picturesque market of San Pedro, the Koricancha temple, an ancient Inca palace and center of the Sun god. Then we will go the San Blas neighborhood, a place full of  Cusco artists and artisans. Finally, you will visit the  Cathedral, the most important temple in the city.
In the afternoon we have a Peruvian cooking course at a restaurant located at Cusco’s Main Square, a place that will take your breath away. You will learn how some of the most representative dishes in Andean cuisine are prepared. After you will enjoy a delicious dinner in warm and sophisticated restaurant, accompanied by a privileged view of the Imperial City.

Day 3 - Sacred valley

Today we visit the sacred valley and start in the town of  Pisac. On the way you will visit Awanakancha, a traditional handmade weaving place, where they use natural elements of the area. There are also Andean camelids like; llamas, alpacas, vicunas. You you will find beautiful Peruvian Handicrafts. After this you will visit Pisac Market, which is quite captivating.

In the afternoon we will visit the Misminay community, located in the Sacred  Valley of the Incas. Upon arrival, the towns people will  give you a warm welcome with typical music and  dances. Here, you will experience the Andean lifestyle  up-close. You will enjoy a typical Andean Lunch on a long from farm to table. The lunch is prepared by the local chef, with all local ingredients from this beautiful valley area. After, you will learn about local gastronomy, beginning your experience with the planting and harvesting of some products, according to the season.
Back to Cusco city for dinner.


Day 4 - Machu Picchu

Today we’ll visit one one of the Seven Wonders of the World; Inca’s masterpiece: Machu Picchu. At an altitude of 2430 meters, on the border of the misty Amazon and the high Andes is it located. The city was built around the year 1440 and inhabited for almost a century. The masterpiece is hidden in such a way that the Spaniards never discovered it and as such, the city is excellently preserved!

With the Vistadome train, you’ll drive to the village of Aguas Calientes in a breathtaking ride. The train has panorama windows so you’ll become one with the spectaculaire landscape of valleys. The guides will take you through the streets, down stairs and past alleys in the old city; a magical experience. You’ll have plenty of time to take some impressive photos. Trip back to Cusco.

Day 5 - Cusco - back home

Flight back to Lima and then back home.

The end of an unforgettable incentive travel to Peru!

Responsible tourism:
With the intention that travelling can benefit both the traveller and local environment, we work together with local entrepreneurs (agents, accommodations, gastronomy and transport) to positively encourage the local economy, job opportunities, culture and wellbeing. We focus on sustainability and carefully select our local partners.



Sacred valley Cusco - Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba

2. Inkaterra-Hacienda-Urubamba - Lobby