Colombia Incentive Travel

Colorful, open and swinging; the Colombians warmly welcome you to their versatile country during your incentive trip. Colorful colonial cities, Caribbean coast, islands with white beaches, coffee plantation and a rich history. Colombia has it all! A versatile destination for an incentive trip.

Bogota and Medellin by bicycle

In the middle is the capital Bogota, which you can explore by bike, but the street art walk is also recommended during your Colombia incentive trip. Admire Botera’s statues and paintings. The sensational underground salt cathedral is not far from Bogota, as is the beautifully preserved colonial village of Villa de Leyva, with an abundance of stylish restaurants, jewelery and chocolate shops. Experience eternal spring during your incentive trip in the Colombian city of Medellin. You can explore the city by cable car with a guide. The lake district here is also very worthwhile, as is the colorful village of Guatape.

Taste the most delicious coffee

Colombia is of course also known for its great coffee. Taste the delicious coffee at one of the coffee plantations in Salento. In the same region you can hike among the tallest palm trees in the world, a fairytale experience during your Colombia incentive trip.

Colorful Caribbean Cartagena

Cartagena, also called the pearl of the Caribbean. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its beautiful Spanish colonial architecture. Enjoy all the local delicacies on a street food tour and learn how to drum from the locals! The Salsa enthusiast can also indulge themselves here, a fun team building activity during your Colombia incentive trip.

Island hopping

Visit one or more islands off the coast of Cartagena. The water around the islands is beautiful turquoise and the beaches are snow white. Ideal for a snorkeling adventure or dolphin spotting! Or how about delicious fresh fish from the BBQ to end your incentive trip?

Walk among the largest wax palm trees in the world in Salento. Spot wildlife during a walk through the beautiful Tayrona National Park and enjoy one of the lovely beaches. And last but not least, dance on to the swinging live music in the colorful Colombian cities during your incentive trip through Colombia!

Possible activities

Walk among the tallest wax palms in the world in splendid Salento. Spot diverse wildlife during a walk in the amazing Tayrona National Park and enjoy the wonderful beaches over there. And shake your hips to the swinging live music in the colorful Colombian cities such as Cartagena. Colombia is an unforgettable destination for Incentive Travel.

Practical information

  • Incentive travel to colombia can be all year long
  • The climate varies from a high-mountain climate to subtropical
  • The national currency is the Colombian peso and the most spoken language is Spanish

An example incentive trip for inspiration, completely adjustable to your wishes



Day 1: Arrival to Bogota or Medellin & city walks
Day 2: Bogota or Medellin: Coffee plantage, bike tour or Guatape
Day 3: Colourful Cartagena
Day 4: The islands
Day 5: Back home

Day 1 - Bogota


Welcome to Colombia, your incentive travel starts here!
Upon arrival at the Bogota airport, you’ll be picked up and brought to your hotel in the centre of the city.

This afternoon we’ll explore the capital of Colombia under the supervision of a guide. You’ll walk through La Candelaria, the colourful historical centre of the city. Here, you can marvel at the very best street art! You’ll visit the plaza de Bolivar, the gold museum and the paintings of the famous Colombian artist Botera. From the Cerro Monserrate, which you climb using the cable car, you’ll have a fantastic view across the city. In the evening we have a Colombian cooking class and a delicious diner after!


Day 2 - Bogota

This morning we explore a different district of the city by bike, we’ll enjoy the variety of fruit juices and colourful squares and vibes.

After lunch we’ll visit a coffee plantation and learn everything about the world of coffee! You can experience the entire process from the coffee plant to the cup of coffee. A coffee expert talks about the secrets of planting, harvesting and drying the coffee. You can also pick coffee beans yourself on the plantation. Allow yourself to be seduced by the smell and taste of one of the best Colombian coffees in the world.

During the evening we’ll have a Salsa class and show after!


Day 1 - Medellin

Welcome in Medellin!
Upon arrival at the Medellin airport, you’ll be picked up and brought to your hotel in a lively district with a broad choice of bars and restaurants. Due to the eternal spring, Medellín is considered a pleasant city to live in and a lot of expats have settled here. A guided city our will show you the amazing view across the city by cable car. With the guide, we’ll visit the slum of La Commune 13, coloured by street art which reveals a lot of the district’s history. You’ll also visit the centre with, among others, Plaza de Botera with sculptures by the famous Botera. The rest of the afternoon is free to enjoy at your leisure.


Day 2 - Guatape & Penol

Today, you’ll make a trip from Medellín to the charming village of Guatape, with colourful houses with decorations. The paintings on the houses show the traditions from the region. Flowers, animals and symbols from the Spanish colonial area characterise the houses, a sight to behold.

You’ll also visit La Piedra del Peñol, which provides you a breathtaking view across the lake area of the region.

In the evening a Salsa tour is on the program!

Day 3 - Cartegena

This morning we have a flight to Cartagena, also known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean” and it won’t surprise you. Cartagena is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, because of its amazing colonial architecture created by the Spaniards.

Today we will have a streetfood tour to get to know the local food and drinks. We will also visit a local community to have a coconut workshop and learn how to play drum.

Afterwards we have free time to stroll through the charming and romantic streets, impressive colonial buildings, and enjoy the beautiful shops, the warm temperature gives it a subtropical edge. Cartagena has stunning islands before the coast, good restaurants, beautiful stores, charming hotels and a bustling night life.


Day 4 - Island tour

We end out trip with a visit to one of the beautiful sland off the coast of Cartagena. The islands have beautiful white beaches, turquoise clear water, perfect snorkel opportunities and dolphins off the coast. And delicious fresh fish from the barbeque. We’ll spend the night here.

Day 5 - Cartagena - Back home

Transfer to the airport. You fly back home with impressions for a lifetime! End of an unforgettable incentive travel through Colombia.

Responsible tourism:
With the intention that travelling can benefit both the traveller and local environment, we work together with local entrepreneurs (agents, accommodations, gastronomy and transport) to positively encourage the local economy, job opportunities, culture and wellbeing. We focus on sustainability and carefully select our local partner