Argentina Incentive Travel

Argentina is cheerful, vibrant and has something to offer for everyone! That makes Argentina an ideal incentive travel destination. Discover the charming cities, impressive nature, delicious steaks and tango. The north of Argentina is partly subtropical with waterfalls and rainforests, but has also rugged landscapes with rough red mountains, cactus fields and colored mineral mountains. The west is characterized by the overwhelming Andes mountains on the border with Chile. The middle and east are formed by the pampas, with endless meadows with Gauchos. 

Colorful Buenos Aires

Would you like to enjoy lively cities or be overwhelmed by untouched nature? A combination is of course also possible during your Argentina incentive trip! Immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires and admire the colorful Palermo district with nice boutiques, terraces and tasty steaks or Evita. Or, in San Telmo, watch tango dancers roam the streets. You can also explore the city by bicycle with your colleagues during an incentive trip.

Patagonia - Glaciers and Penguins

Combine Buenos Aires with a few days of Patagonia during your Argentina incentive trip! The south of Argentina consists of Patagonia; lakes, glaciers, bare steppes and huge mountains. Nature is serene, deserted and rugged. Experience the primal sound of the melting, cracking Perito Moreno glacier. Or take a kayak tour surrounded by ice floes and penguins. We integrate it into your program.

Iguazu waterfalls

Visit with your team the Iguazu waterfalls that form the natural border between Argentina and Brazil. The falls are the largest in the world and are 2700m wide in total. A professional guide will tell you all about the flora and fauna and you can walk along the falls for a beautiful panoramic view. Do you also want to experience the power of the water up close? In a zodiac boat you sail as close as possible past the waterfalls, an impressive experience during your Argentina incentive trip!

Wine tour by bike with pit stops

If you are ready for a little more culture after all the greenery? There is also plenty to do for wine lovers, such as a visit to Mendoza. This is Argentina’s most famous wine city, with the world famous Malbec. Enjoy a wine tasting at one of the wineries and hear all about the grapes and the maturation process. It is also recommended to do a wine tour by bicycle. During the “pit stops”, toast with your team to a great collaboration!

Experience the colorful street art and latino vibes in Buenos Aires or sail past the largest glaciers in the world, such as the Perito Moreno. Visit Mendoza’s authentic vineyards and then feast on the greatest steaks.

Possible activities

Practical information

  • The seasons are opposite to those in the Europe. Argentina has many climates, varying from very humid and warm in the subtropical north to rain and wind in the far south, due to its vast expanse.
  • Spanish is the most spoken language.
  • National currency is the Argentinian Peso.
An Incentive example trip for inspiration, can be customised to your wishes


Day 1: Arrival to Buenos Aires + city tour & tango show

Day 2: Visit Gaucho Estancia
Day 3: Iguazu Brazilian site
Day 4: Iguazu Argentinian site
Day 5: Departure

Day 1 - Arrival Buenos Aires


Upon arrival transfer to the hotel, the start of your incentive travel in Argentina! Welcome to colourful Buenos Aires, the city of Tango, Maradona and Evita Perón! You will enjoy a traditional city tour visiting the highlights such as colourful La Boca, the street tango and antique shops of San telmo, trendy and luxury Palermo, Plaza de Mayo and Recoleta Cemetery and you will encounter different characters of the Argentinian history. You can also explore the city by bike.

Dinner & Tango Show incl. tango lesson or wine tasting
In the very heart of San Telmo is a traditional example of the old city’s culture, where you will experience an introduction to the tango music and dance and a wine tasting prior to your dinner. Afterwards you will enjoy a spectacular show including tango, folklore, music, dance and many many famous tango songs. A night to remember.

Day 2 - Visit Gaucho Estancia

Today we step into the live of the traditional Argentinian Gauchos and visit a historical colonial estancia, just over one hour from Buenos Aires in the heart of the gaucho tradition. You will enjoy at least one asado, the typical Argentinean BBQ of the world’s finest beef that is raised free-range on the estancia. You are welcome to share the famous maté (traditional Gaucho tea) with the owners, your colleagues and the Gauchos.

We will enjoy a traditional Gaucho skills show (races, pato, sortija, musical chair, all typical gaucho games), visit a little chocolate factory, a leathercraft, silversmith and artisans that keep the gaucho tradition alive.


Day 3 - Iguazu waterfalls - Brazilian side


Puerto Iguazú is famous for its very impressive waterfalls, which are situated on the border of Brazil and Argentina. The waterfalls are the widest of the world, with a total width of 2.700 meters.

Today you will visit the Brazilian side of the waterfalls. A professional guide will tell you about one of the biggest flora reserves of Brazil. You will walk along the Brazil side of the waterfalls and have a terrific panorama view on the impressive waterfalls.


Day 4 - Iguazu waterfalls - Argentinean side

You will be picked up from your hotel early in the morning for a full day tour of the Argentinean side of the Iguazú falls. A professional guide will tell you all about the history, flora and fauna of the National Park and the waterfalls. Experience the imposing views and sounds of the waterfalls. The National Park has easily walkable footpaths which will give you spectacular views of the numerous waterfalls, spectacular sights!

Additionally, you can participate in the forces of the water! In a zodiac boat, you sail past the waterfalls as close as is possible.  You then sail across the Iguazu river and back to shore, after a short hike, you hop into the 4×2 jeep from which you explore the jungle!

Day 5 - Departure


Transfer to the airport

End of an amazing Incentive travel to Argentina!

Responsible tourism:
With the intention that travelling can benefit both the traveller and local environment, we work together with local entrepreneurs (agents, accommodations, gastronomy and transport) to positively encourage the local economy, job opportunities, culture and wellbeing. We focus on sustainability and carefully select our local partners.