'Sharing the beauty of the world'

Sharing the beauty of the world is our philosophy. We believe that traveling can benefit both the traveler and local environment; we collaborate with local entrepreneurs; accommodations, gastronomy, transport, agents, to positively support the local economy, culture and nature. We carefully select our local partners and focus on sustainability. We strive to keep ‘the beauty of the world’ intact. We do our best to offer our trips in such a way that preserves the natural living environment as far as possible, so humans and animals can continue to enjoy it.


UYUNI Travels works together with Trees for all! Trees for All plants trees in the Netherlands and in others countries around the globe to compensate CO2 emissions. Their mission is to plant new trees and restore existing forests worldwide through sustainable forest projects. These projects help restore Mother earth.
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Local partners

We have chosen our local partners based on sustainable traveling; those who care for their employees, local and native communities and those who support the environment. For interested companies we organise accommodation and activities in collaboration with the local communities. Meeting the local population during Incentive travel provides an additional experience of the country, the culture, cuisine and local customs; at the same time, we ensure that the local people are supported by our tourism.

Education project

The education project Inti Sisa started over 15 years ago in Ecuador. This project organise practical education for communities that are tailor made to their needs. For many it’s the only way to engage with the modern society and escape poverty. In 2013 a posado was founded from which interesting activities are organised within the local communities and which profits go to further education projects. UYUNI Travels supports Inti Sisa and loves to encourage interested guests in visiting the posada and seeing their work for themselves.

Eco tourism

We work with Eco lodges in all parts of world. With respect for the natural environment these lodges are built by local inhabitants. They are equipped with comfort and come in all price ranges, an unforgettable experience!

Shoe Shiners in La Paz

La Paz, Bolivia. There are more than 3,000 shoe shiners or ‘lustra’ as they like to be called in this city. They work on the street and earn less than 30 cents for polishing shoes. Many of them hide their identities to avoid discrimination. To improve their livelihood, they now also work as guides to share their local knowledge with travelers. What they can offer is a unique ‘Lustras city tour’ to the authentic neighborhoods and markets of La Paz. It gives a different impression of this great city. Visiting places that regular tours don’t offer. La Paz seen through the eyes of the lustras. We can add it to your trip!