Jordan Incentive Travel

Jordan has attracted visitors for centuries with its inspiring desert landscapes, magical sunsets, friendly and ancient cities and one of the 7 Wonders of the World. It is also a great experience to float on the Dead Sea, the high concentration of salt makes it impossible to swim and sink in these waters … This versatility makes Jordan an ideal destination for an incentive trip!

Discover the wonder of the world Petra

One of the highlights of Jordan is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Petra! Petra, the Lost City, is one of the oldest cities in the world, founded 312 BC. This special city is built in rocks and surrounded by the desert. Stroll past the temples, tombs and palaces of the old city. Interesting to know is that currently only 15% of Petra has been discovered; 85% is still underground.

Float on the Dead Sea

In addition, enjoy the great experience of floating on the Dead Sea. The high salt concentration makes it impossible to swim and sink (!). You can also try the Dead Sea mud mask, it has a cleansing effect!

Wadi rum by jeep and overnight

Discover the beautiful Wadi Rum desert by jeep. Explore the narrow gorges, towering cliffs, slopes, natural arches, massive sand plains and caves that make up the Wadi Rum desert. Inscriptions and archaeological remains attest to 12,000 years of human habitation and interaction with the natural environment.

At the end of the day we drive the 4WDs to our tent camp to spend the night in the middle of the desert. Enjoy the sunset while dining under the stars. A beautiful sunrise awaits you in the morning. An unforgettable experience during your Jordan incentive trip.

Experience the Bedouin way of life

To familiarize yourself with the Bedouin culture, there is a fun team building activity on the program! A number of workshops given by locals from which you can choose; learn how to use kohl as a make-up; make Arabic coffee; bake bread or weave tents from goat hair. All proceeds go to the local community.

Possible activities

The possibilities for an incentive trip through Jordan are endless; enjoy a unique dinner at Kan Zaman, a restaurant located on the hilltop of an old Jordanian village surrounded by the stone walls of an ancient settlement. Of course, a visit to Petra and Wadi Rum should not be missed, combine this with some free time at the Dead Sea and experience floating in the salty waters. A trip to remember!

Practical information

  • Best time to travel: the best time to visit Jordan for incentive travel is spring March-May for coller temperatures.
  • National language: Arabic
  • Time zone: -1 UTC
  • Currency: Jordanian Dinar
An example Incentive trip for inspiration, can be completely customised to your wishes


Day 1: Arrival Amman

Day 2: Bedouin experience + Dana NP
Day 3: Petra + Wadi Rum + Dead Sea
Day 4: Dead Sea + Departure

Day 1 - Amman


The start of your incentive travel in Jordan, welcome Jordan!

In the waiting hall we will meet the guides for transfer to hotel in the Capital City Amman – Approximate 40 minutes drive.

Dinner at Kan Zaman, a restaurant nestled on the hilltop of an old Jordanian village and enclosed within the stone walls of an ancient settlement. The restaurant’s stable transformed into an elegant dining room with a wide selection of fine oriental food, salt baked fresh seafood, a signature center stage live and a selection of local inspired dishes. Their pastry chefs also prepare a selection of tempting desserts.


Day 2 - Bedouin experience & Petra

This morning we’ll drive to the Dana Reserve where we’ll have a Bedouin experience;
Making kohl for make-up; making Arabic coffee; baking earthy “Arbood” bread; weaving goat hair tents. All proceeds go to the local community.

In the afternoon we will drive to Petra: the pink city and capital of the Nabataean Arabs, one of the most famous and riches archaeological sites in the world. Petra the world wonder is World Heritage, and is visited from all over the world. Petra is half-built, half-carved into the rock, and is surrounded by mountains riddled with passages and gorges.

In the evening we’ll enjoy a unique evening under privatized Bedouin tents, with a Jordanian live band in  “Little Petra”, while eating a delicious dinner.


Day 3 - Petra & Wadi Rum


After a wonderful morning visit to Petra we had to the desert!

In the afternoon we discover the secrets of Wadi Rum Desert through a 2H Bedouin Jeep tour. Weather and wind carved the imposing, towering skyscrapers also know as ‘valley of the moon’! You will see the Um Frouth Arch, the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, the Lawrence Arabia House, sand dunes and Nabatean Inscriptions. With 25,000 petroglyphs and 20,000 inscriptions, Wadi Rum desert is a truly unique place on earth. This was one of the reasons for UNESCO to put the desert on the World Heritage List. This tour allows you to visit the main sites as well as reaching some of the far-away attractions of Wadi Rum and beyond you will visit scenic canyons, rock arches, sand dunes and Nabatean sites.
In the afternoon we drive to the Dead sea. Gala dinner Dead sea.


Day 4 - Dead Sea & Departure

The Dead See is the lowest point on earth (400 m below sea  level) and has unusually warm and mineral-rich water that have attracted visitors since ancient times, including King Herod the Queen, Cleopatra.

Enjoy some free time at the Dead Sea and experience floating in the salty waters. You can also try the Dead Sea mud mask!

Today we will return to the airport for the flight back after fantastic incentive travel through Jordan!